History Were Made

History Were Made

A Story Of Trooper Custom

Text : Tam Syarif, Photos : Trooper Custom Archives, Azcha Tobing, Andi Setyawan.


We want to take a look back at what happened in 2015, a short history about how Trooper was able to hit the road up and our story up until today. There is nothing wrong with a little nostalgia when it comes to reminiscing about how we built the company from the very beginning.

Trooper had a simple idea, to provide a blank canvas for artists. Eventually, we chose motorcycle helmets as they allow for personalized artwork designs that reflect the individuality of each rider.

A long time ago, we made our product step by step with each process being done in a different place. To start, we made its shell and then the painting followed by the assembly until it was sold to someone who loves to ride. In 2016, we set up our garage so that the entire process could be done in one place.

As time went on, we created our store at Muara Market in 2015, a collective place for many communities within music, art, dance and more. Trooper operated successfully at the market for around 2 years until 2017.


The next step in our development took place when Muara Market had to be closed and used as an emergency traditional market. So, we moved to Gudang Sekarpace; a place similar to Muara Market as it serves as a melting pot for the youth in Solo. At Gudang Sekarpace we also created our store, office and our workshop.

Trooper continued with the same energy and culture; we chose to collaborate with many artists for our helmets, so the value of each helmet is completely different one to another. We have worked with artists such as Malikas, Chenka, Alipjon, Dicky Leos and many more.

We set the goal to be a great company that offers a good product with quality as the priority. In order to make this happen, we upgraded our tools and our research to face the SNI test. We needed dedication, integrity and knowledge in pursuit of being SNI Certified, so we made it a priority to focus more on the details to make our helmets even safer and decided that the X-9 would be the first helmet to be tested by SNI.

Nowadays, our X-9 type helmet has been SNI officially certified, so you don’t have to worry about how safe it is, how comfortable or how it fits for you. For the future, we are committed to becoming better than ever, we are pushing ourselves to have our entire range SNI certified so that everyone can ride safely.



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